Marital Property & Asset Division

Marriage is a partnership in which you acquire assets and accumulate debts. You must now disentangle your financial relationship during your divorce. Boulder, Colorado based Bond Family Law can guide you through this important process. We handle the valuation and distribution of complex and high-value assets, including businesses, pension funds, real estate, securities, and household items. Our goal is to help you reach the most equitable results in your divorce.

Equitable Property Rights Under Colorado Law

Colorado law supports the equitable distribution of property during divorce. You, therefore, have the right to an equitable, as opposed to equal, portion of your marital property. When ruling on division, the court considers four main factors:

  • Contribution each spouse made to acquire the property
  • Value of the property to be awarded to each spouse
  • Each spouse’s economic circumstances at the time of divorce
  • Changes in value of separate property and whether the property was used for marital purposes

Our lawyers help paint an accurate picture of your marital property and its value to help you receive an equitable distribution.

What is Marital and Separate Property?

Each spouse may bring their own property into the marriage. In many cases this separate property continues to belong to you during the marriage and is allocated to you during divorce. Increase in value of the separate property is considered marital. For example, if you had a bank account in your name before the marriage that remained solely in your name, you may keep the principal, but the accumulated interests belong to the marriage.

Marital property is that acquired by either spouse after marriage, except for gifts and inheritances and property bought with that money, so long as certain factors are met. A prenuptial, marital, or separation agreement may also specifically exclude certain property from marital property. We are skilled at tracing the origins of property and proving whether property is marital or separate and securing your rights accordingly.

The Marital Home

For many couples, the marital home is their most valuable asset and their mortgage is their biggest debt. Of course, a physical house or a condominium is not physically dividable and so spouses often face tough decisions in regards to the home’s division. Emotional attachment to the home and the benefits of keeping children in a stable environment are also important considerations. We discuss options such as negotiating a buyout, putting the home on the market or other solutions tailored to your situation.

Consult With Experienced Lawyers About the Division of Your Marital Property

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