Divorce & Legal Separation

Bond Family Law is a boutique firm that focuses exclusively on domestic relations issues. We offer you a supportive and compassionate environment during a challenging period in your life. We give you a candid assessment of your situation and potential outcomes so you know what is happening with your case and can prepare for the future. Our approach is designed to put you and your family in the best situation possible.


Our lawyers discuss all the details of your divorce with you to gain a full understanding of what you want and what you are entitled to. We then work with you to develop strategies for reaching an equitable divorce settlement on such terms as: 

  • Child custody. We advise you on your parental rights and on how the court may rule in your particular fact scenario.
  • Parenting time plans. Our attorneys work with you to develop a parenting schedule that accommodates your work, family, cultural and religious considerations.
  • Child support. Our firm counsels you on equitably sharing financial responsibility for raising your children.
  • Asset valuation and disposition. Our team has experience in complicated and high-value asset cases and guiding you through their equitable division.
  • Spousal support. We analyze such factors as length of the marriage and each spouse’s earning or earning potential to advise you on your rights to receive or obligations to pay maintenance.

Legal Separation

You and your spouse might have reasons to legally separate instead of divorce. You are still entitled to legal protections during your legal separation. Similar to divorce, a separation agreement governs terms such as child custody, child support, parenting time, property division, debt allocation and spousal maintenance. Legal separation does not affect your marital status in relation to health insurance benefits, Social Security benefits, pensions, and inheritance that are not specifically addressed in a properly executed separation agreement.

The procedures for obtaining a legal separation are nearly identical to those governing divorce. However, once you receive a decree of legal separation, either party can request it be converted to a divorce.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce is never easy. However, the process does not need to be high conflict and stressful. Mediation provides an effective means of reaching an equitable settlement with your spouse through negotiations led by a trained mediator. Mediation is particularly beneficial to parents who must find a new way to work together in matters pertaining to their children. The process is also less expensive than litigation and can expedite the finalization of divorce.

One of the most important aspects of mediation is control. Although a judge strives to be fair, she or he can only base decisions upon facts presented by the parties and is not in a position to fully understand all relevant aspects of your circumstances. Through mediation, you have the opportunity to shape the terms of your agreement to fit your unique needs. You decide parenting time schedules and details of custody that are suitable for your individual schedules. You decide how to divide property and debts, and may even use creative arrangements to reach the most equitable disposition. You decide terms of spousal support and alimony that are fair to both of you.

If you do choose mediation, we will guide you through and advocate for you in the process. We strategize negotiations and remain by your side until we reach a favorable settlement.

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